My One Word for 2014 Gracious

My One Word for 2014 Gracious

Last year my word of the year was change.  This year I need to take it a step further.  I want to carry on the momentum of the changes I made, albeit small ones, on to this year but with a greater purpose and goal.

This year I am choosing the word gracious.  I want everything I do to show graciousness.

1. Characterized by kindness and warm courtesy.

2. Characterized by tact and propriety: responded to the insult with gracious humor.

3. Of a merciful or compassionate nature.

I would like to not be as quick to get angry and I think by trying to live in grace (peace) and be more gracious (continually thoughtful) I will be in a happier place (in my mind), which will make it difficult to get upset as quickly.

I tend to be blunt, not rude though and not overtly empathetic.

The post below I found on the web regarding grace and graciousness, you can find the whole article here.

How Does One Develop Grace

Many people believe that grace is something you are either born with or not born with.

I disagree.

While some might be lucky to have been born with more than others, I believe our gracefulness is often a product of our environment.

There are two environments I’m talking about here.

  • The first environment is external (outside of us).
  • The second environment is internal (inside our hearts and our minds).

I believe the best place to cultivate our gracefulness is inside our own hearts and minds.

We must create a good environment in which grace will flourish inside of us.

Then, as it grows inside of us, we begin to let it out and share it with others.

As we share it with others, we are creating an external environment for them that will allow their gracefulness to grow.

In short, it starts inside of each and every one of us and then it spreads outward to the entire community.

is another post about grace that I found interesting and some of the comments on the post are great!

Is “the graceful woman” lost in today’s “anything you can do, I can do better” world?

I find the study of women in society and how drastically they’ve changed over the years to be positively riveting. And I like to ask questions about it. “Why?” “Are we better for it?”

Gracefulness conjures up a number of characteristics: poise, eloquence, refinement, beauty.

I think of the Proverbs 31 woman as graceful. Not “fragile”, though gracefulness surely must contain “delicacy” in her demeanor, but a strength and dignity that exudes from her. I picture calmness, stateliness, a self-controlled form in movement and carriage. I imagine, since “the law of kindness is on her tongue” that her words come from a disciplined spirit (it’s a law that rules it!) and carry a certain weight of dignity and import because they are meaningful and not wasteful.

It is hard to find gracefulness these days. I’ve tried. And when I do see a woman who displays the rare manners that were once highly sought after and cultivated, she stands out.

My favorite comments from others on this post:
“Trying to be more gentle in my responses even when I don’t feel like it. It is extending grace to those who are rude to me or unkind. Sometimes we just Never know what kind of day someone is really having.”

“Being able to apologize sincerely and without delay when needed is part of gracefulness, too. Having a ready smile, including in the eyes, so that people can see they’re important to you and you’re happy to see them.”

“For me it means to lovingly accept others as well as myself. It means being humble and grateful for the blessings bestowed. It means helping others feel at home, having a hospitable spirit that draws people to stay.”

This post truly states the gracious person I want to become:

What does it mean to be a gracious person?

A gracious person is slow to take credit and quick to lavish praise. In fact, a gracious person is not addicted to the attention of others. A gracious person is very comfortable in expressing appreciation and praise to another.

A gracious person never seeks to embarrass another. Humiliating another is not in this person’s vocabulary. Nor does such a person embarrass another and then attempt to escape responsibility by saying, “I was only joking.” Instead, a gracious person seeks to encourage and uplift another.

A gracious person regularly thanks others. This person chooses to express gratitude and never takes anything for granted.

A gracious person does not monopolize the conversation. He or she learns to ask good questions and creates opportunities for others to talk.

A gracious person does not play one-upmanship. Have you ever told a story about something that happened to you only to get this response: “That’s nothing, you should have seen what I did!”

A gracious person pays attention to people. Sometimes people come away from such conversations saying, “He made me feel like I was the most important person at that moment.” Wow! Don’t underestimate the power of simply paying attention to another.

A gracious person speaks thoughtfully. This person doesn’t say what happens to be passing through the corridor of his mind at the moment. There is nothing particularly redeeming about expressing every fleeting thought that floats through the mind. A gracious person tempers words through the filter of wisdom and love.

A gracious person does not have to be the center of attention. There are people who seem to crave constant attention. These people are so insecure they feel threatened if they are not noticed or acknowledged. There is a humility in realizing you are dispensable.

A gracious person points out the good. Maybe you are visiting a friend who lives in another place. Instead of pointing out the inadequacies of your friend’s community, you are constantly finding things that are good. “This cafe has outstanding peach pie! That was delicious.” “I just love the way you have planted your garden. It is beautiful!” Gracious people look for the good.

Are you choosing one word for this year?  Not sure what it is, here are a couple of sites that explain what One Word is and can help you find your Word!  Good luck and be sure to let me know if you choose a word!
One Little Word
My One Word
One Word 365

I will be focusing on my word and posting updates throughout the year.  Happy New Year!


  1. Judy says:

    My granddaughter has 2 grammy’s. i live in Toronto and the other in Niagara Falls however the N F grammy has earned the nickname “goodness gracious” because it is her favorite comment to all things our granddaughter says or does.

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